Five Factors To Consider Before Fixing Damaged Auto Glass


Most car owners even automotive professionals think windshield chips and crack are the minimal problems out of all the things that can affect the vehicle. But it is not true. A chip or crack may seem to be small or less worried in the beginning, but it can create a serious problem. Again, it is not safe for drivers and owners.

Auto glass damage does not become common as today’s cars come with a “NEW” lightweight glass for the benefit of better fuel efficiency. If you are one in these situations where you need to fix the damaged auto glass, here we have the expert’s tips to read through before starting the fixing works.

Should I be concerned about the small chip? 

Yes, you should. Never do the mistake of ignoring a chip. As I researched, found that in three years, around 90% of chips that are considered not to worry about will expand into a larger crack at the most unexpected time. What if it happened while you driving? Imagine a chip on your windshield expanded and forming large cracks that disable you from seeing the road and vehicles in the front while driving. Sounds dangerous, is not it? So, we suggest never ignore leaving a chip untreated.

Are you sure a chip repair is a safe alternative to glass replacement?

Yes, we are. You don’t need a glass replacement all the time. Luckily, sometimes you have the chance to get the glass repaired. A small chip or crack in its initial condition can be treated within maybe 30 minutes. Ever heard it anywhere? But it is the truth.

Typically a chip treatment is held like this: 

  1. Over the damaged area, a vacuum is created.
  2. Air and moisture are removed
  3. Resin is injected into the area.
  4. It is then spread to fill the cracks.
  5. The vacuum pulled off.
  6. A UV light is applied to the resin to seal it on crack.

When the replacement is necessary?

If the crack is too large to repair, you should consider a replacement. The auto glass replacement cost varies based on the car model and make.

In the US, the installed vehicle glass must meet NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) standards.

So ensure you hired a mechanic or technician from a shop that offers a national warranty for repairs and replacement for as long as you own the car. Also if the warranty is guaranteed to pass lease turnback and state vehicle inspections.

What is the downtime of a windshield replacement?

The downtime a windshield replacement takes a vehicle out of commission varies based on how quick the service schedules, the distance of the nearest service center, and mobile labor availability.

Sometimes it is possible to make an appointment on the same day. Most auto repair shops now have mobile service so you get help on time.

The replacement takes about three hours on average including the work, installation, and dropping.

Are there any risks involved?

There are risks of damage while replacing glass but it is very less. Our technicians are trained by experts with the latest tools and innovations. So the risks are very minimal to zero.